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How do I get a link to share my galleries?

Updated: 10/09/2014

Each photo and video at SmugMug has its own Internet address, just as the page you're now reading has one. If you give a friend the URL for your gallery, they'll know where to go to see your gorgeous photos and videos.

You can even send a link that lets them add items to the shopping cart!

How To

Here's the easy way to get that URL:

  1. Click the share button located below an individual photo.

  2. Choose Get a Link from the menu.

    You'll see four tabs, each with different types of links that you can get:

    forum blogs etc. link
  3. On the Gallery Links tab, click the Copy button next to the gallery, lightbox, or slideshow URL to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste it in an email, instant message, or web page. These links will direct your viewers to the gallery-level view.

    forum blogs etc. link

    (Pasting is done by holding down the Ctrl key, then hitting the V key, or Command-V on Mac).

    To get links for individual images, you can select the Photo Links tab and preview the image that you want in the box on the right. Click the arrows to advance to the desired photo and copy the URL for the size that you want. Videos will link to the JPG preview. Get the specs on image sizes.

    If you want to post the images on forums and blogs, you can click the Embeddable Links tab. You'll see options for posting images that link back to your gallery in HTML (for most blogs) and BBCode (for most forums). If you've selected a video file, grab the embed code to post playable videos in Web and iPod/DVD sizes.

    For feeds, click the Feed Links tab and you can pick one of the listed formats for gallery feeds. Or you can customize your own feed parameters using the Feed Wizard.

What About Those Buy Links?

If you have printing enabled in your Gallery Settings, you'll see a Buy Link at the bottom of the Photo Links and Gallery Links tabs:

forum blogs etc. link

Share that with your friends. When they visit that link, we'll present them with your lovely shopping cart, ready and waiting for them to fill it with prints and gifts.