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Can I embed photo slideshows on other sites?

Updated: 12/04/2014

As a SmugMugger, you can configure your own slideshow and snag the code to post on websites, blogs, or forums. Share your photos in style!

How To

Click the Share icon under the photo in SmugMug style or Lightbox view. Then click Show Off.

A new window will open to show you a preview of what your slideshow will look like.

By default, the slideshow will be fairly small and the images in it will display in random order. Look at the preview and if you like it, you can click Copy Embed Code and paste it into your website right away.

If you feel like tweaking, click the Configure Options button to see what else you can do. This will bring up a window with lots of customizable parameters.

When you're ready to preview your changes, click the Update Slideshow button and watch your new presentation appear. Clicking Copy Embed Code will copy the code to your clipboard so you can post it into the site of your choice.

Gotcha: For your slideshow to work externally, the site to which you're posting should allow HTML. Additionally, viewers must have Flash enabled to see the goods.

Can Anyone Share My Photos Like This?

No. You don't have to worry about visitors being able to use these features. These features are only visible to you as the logged-in account holder. Even if you have Sharing Options turned on in your gallery settings, visitors can only see the top four options.