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How do I post my photos in forums and blogs?

Updated: 03/27/2014

Photos and videos in your SmugMug galleries can be embedded in Web pages outside of SmugMug. For example, you can show off your lunch in a forum post like this:

embedding images

First, check your settings

In New SmugMug

In Legacy SmugMug
In your gallery settings for each gallery, you'll see an External Links option.

photo sharing image linking

It must be yes for the photos in the gallery to be visible outside SmugMug (in the forum or blog).


In New SmugMug

Click the Share button.  Then Click Get a Link

In Legacy SmugMug

  1. Click the Share button, at the top of most? gallery pages.share photo button
  2. Click Get a link from the menu.

    forum blogs etc. link


    Next, choose a size.

     Many forums support BBCode, and you can copy the code in that format, as shown.

    Select the Embeddable Links tab:

    share links etc.You'll see a list of sizes for your photo? or video?. Click the Copy button next to the embed code of the size you want and it will be automatically copied for blogs etc. link

Finally, paste your code into the forum

You can just paste that embed code right in the box of your forum post. forum blogs etc. link

(Pasting is done by holding down the Ctrl key, then hitting the v key, or Command-v on the Mac).

If it doesn't seem to work after saving your post, try grabbing just the link and let the forum generate the code for you.

If that still doesn't seem to work after saving your post, try grabbing just the photo link from the "Photo Links" tab. Look for an IMG or graphical button on the forum when you compose a post. Click that button to display a pop-up window where you can paste your photo's URL.

In some forums, such as dpreview, no pop-up box is provided and you simply paste your photo's URL into the body of your message along with your spectacular prose.

photo sharing image linking

Wait! What about blogs and other websites?

Easy. Most sites use HTML and we've provided a way you to post images in this format, too.

Open the Embeddable Links tab and grab the code the same way as described above. Just be sure to take it from the Blogs area instead.

forum blogs etc. link

But I want to post custom image sizes

No problem.