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With Sharegroups, you can share a select group of galleries with one link. This ensures easy navigation within one area of your site so your visitors don't get lost.

Create Them

Sharegroups are unlisted, meaning that only you as the logged-in site owner and your recipients can find them on your site. If you're worried about who views your Sharegroup, you can protect it with a viewing password at the top level. Once your visitors are in, they can browse to their heart's content.

  1. Log in, then visit your Account Settings > Discovery > Sharing tab.
  2. Click the Manage button on the Sharegroups line.

  3. First give your Sharegroup a name and a short description. Be specific, as you and your visitors will see this information.


    You can pick a Sharegroup URL (a custom URL) to give the Sharegroup a friendly, easy-to-read link. Note that doing this will reveal your SmugMug nickname.

    Sharegroups start off unlisted, but if you want to lock down the whole thing with a viewing password, go ahead and click the box at the bottom.
  4. Once you activate this feature, we'll also ask if you want to grant your guests an all-access pass. When you check that second box, guests entering that top-level password skip entering passwords in subsequent Sharegroup galleries.

    Example: Let's say you create a Sharegroup for a soccer tournament. You can allow the parents to enter one password and browse all of that Sharegroup's galleries. However, if you take photos for a school, you probably only want parents to be able to enter passwords for certain class galleries, but not others. In this case, leave that second box unchecked.
  5. Save your new Sharegroup, and we'll take you back to the main list.
  6. Next, click Edit galleries on the right to choose the galleries that you want in the group. Once you've saved your selections you can Arrange Galleries to taste, or Edit the Sharegroup information to make more changes.

  7. Preview the Sharegroup by clicking the link. If it passes muster, just highlight and copy the URL and send it to your friends!

FYI: If you've ever visited a Sharegroup, those galleries may be visible to you on your SmugMug homepage. Your browser is simply "remembering" that you've seen those galleries before and is displaying them for your convenience. Visitors won't see them there unless they, too, have visited the Sharegroup already. To remove that box, clear your cookies!

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