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What do feeds do?

Updated: 10/07/2014

Really Simple Syndication is a really simple way to keep up with the latest photos of your friends.

If you have a feed reader, a browser like the fast and secure Firefox, or a modern mail reader like Thunderbird, you can subscribe to various SmugMug feeds:

  • User homepage — The feed includes the most recently modified galleries.
  • User gallery — The feed includes the most recently added photos.
  • User keywords — The feed includes the most recently added photos for a keyword.
  • User popular photos — The most popular photos for a SmugMug user.
  • User search — The top results for a given search term within a user's site.
  • User comments — The most recent comments in your galleries.
  • SmugMug keywords — The most recent photos for a keyword on the entire site.
  • SmugMug's popular photos today — The photos most highly ranked on the "today" list.
  • SmugMug's all-time most popular photos — The photos most highly ranked of all time list.
  • Search results — The top search results for a given search term on the entire site.

FYI: Feeds are only available for Everyone (Public), non-passworded galleries.

How to Find Your Feed

You'll need to grab a feed URL. Look for the Share button and choose Get a Link from the menu.


You'll see a menu open with four tabs, each with different types of links that you can get. Select the Feed Links tab.

rss feeds link

Now you'll see several gallery-level feeds to which your fans can subscribe. Or use the Create A Feed Wizard to generate a feed URL for any type of feed that you like.

custom feeds

There isn't much difference between RSS or Atom, so just copy the code for the feed you want and drop it into your blog or anywhere else you want your feed to be displayed.

For galleries that don't have Sharing Options enabled in the settings, you can still get feed links as the logged-in account holder.

How to Subscribe

Pages with feeds typically have the RSS and ATOM logos at the bottom. How you subscribe depends on your reader.

Use Internet Explorer and want to use their feed reader?

  1. When you surf to a SmugMug page that enables feeds, the logo near your address bar will turn orange.

  2. Click the arrow to the right of the logo. You'll see a list of available feeds. (Don't worry about the difference between Atom and RSS; either one will work!)

  3. Click any feed and you'll be taken to a preview of that feed. Then click subscribe to this feed.

  4. You can now view the feed by clicking the star icon near the top of the browser window. Click the orange "feeds" logo and enjoy!
Internet Explorer feeds

If you use Firefox, you'll add feeds as "Live Bookmarks."

  1. When you surf to a SmugMug page that enables feeds, an orange logo will appear in the the address bar, next to the url.

  2. Click that logo. You'll see the option to add a feed to your Live Bookmarks.

  3. Your feed will be displayed as a bookmark. You can go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks to make changes to that feed.

Your feed will be updated periodically.

Not your reader? There are good tutorials online for other readers. Try doing a simple search for yours.