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How do I buy prints?

Updated: 09/16/2014

You don't need a SmugMug account to buy prints. Come one, come all, and order as much (or as little) as you like!

Step 1: Add Photos to Your Shopping Cart

Most gallery owners permit you to buy prints and gifts. If they do, you'll find a Buy or Add to Cart above each photo.

To add one photo to your cart at a time, click the Buy button and select This Photo from the menu.

You'll have the opportunity to add more than one item at once for this photo. Be sure to click the + sign for each product you'd like to add to your cart for your chosen photo.

Single add

Shopping from outside the USA? You can switch currencies using the drop-down menu on the top right:

Click Checkout if you're ready to finish your order, or click Back to Photos to keep browsing and shopping.

checkout or continue browsing

Want to add several different photos at once? Click the Buy button and select Photos from this Gallery.

You'll see a thumbnail of every photo in the gallery, allowing you to click on the images you want. Your selections will be outlined in blue:

Batch add

Click the Add Photos to Cart button, and we'll add all the photos you've selected to your shopping cart.

You can always go back and add any printable photos on SmugMug to your cart, including those in different galleries.

Step 2: Get a Perfect Order

  1. I have odd crop lines on my photo...

    It can be a shock to discover that your photo won't fit all print sizes without a bit of trimming. But at least you're empowered with your own knife. You can tell us what part of the photo to print, right there in the shopping cart, but adjusting the crop lines. Find out how.

    Gotcha: If you do nothing, only what's inside those crop lines will print on your photo.

  2. What's lustre?

    Our most popular finish choice, lustre combines the color saturation of gloss with the fingerprint resistance of matte. Learn more about this gorgeous finish.

  3. Do I want "compact camera prints?"

    Compact digital cameras take 3x4 photos, which fit your TV perfectly but don't fit 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 print sizes perfectly. One solution is to buy 4x5.3 prints, which better fit the compact-camera aspect ratio.

  4. I want 2 of everything!

    Near the top of your cart, you'll find a Bulk Options button. Click it and you'll see this screen:

    buying digital prints
    Use this to change the quantity of everything in your cart at once!

What About Digital Downloads?

If you want to buy Digital Downloads of photos and videos, checking out is even easier! Just click the "Downloads" tab in the cart and choose the size and type of license you want.

Some photographers also offer Printmarked downloads, and gallery downloads (allowing you to download all the photos in a gallery at once).

Once you've checked out, you'll see a button on the order confirmation page to retrieve your files.

Don't see it? No problem—the same link will be available in your email receipt. 


Q: Can I buy prints from multiple galleries?
Yes!  You can purchase from different galleries and even from different SmugMug photographers. Make sure you have browser cookies enabled so your choices remain in the shopping cart between sites.  

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
We accept these credit cards. Some photographers might also offer PayPal payments as an option.

Q: What's the Add Products button for?
Click it when you want to buy additional items using the same image.

Q: Why aren't some options available in my cart?
Photos must meet the minimum resolution requirements for an item to be available for purchase. If an image is too small, we can't make a big print out of it. Also, some professional photographers sell only certain items for a given image.


  • Make sure you're using a supported Internet browser. View our full list here!
  • If your cart is "empty" after adding images to it, check your browser's cookie settings.
  • We can only print from JPG files, even though we do support other types.