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We've partnered with four fantastic labs to deliver the highest-quality prints possible.

Our non-commerce plans all print photos through either EZ Prints or Loxley, based on the buyer's location. Buyers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be directed to Loxley, all other locations to EZ Prints.

SmugMug's commerce plans allow you to choose to have your prints handled through either EZ Prints, Bay Photo, Loxley, or WHCC. The limited commerce plan allows users to choose only one lab as the default for their entire website. All orders will print using that lab. Full-commerce-plan users can pick a default lab and can also specify certain galleries to be printed through another lab, if needed.

Merchandise (such as mugs and stickers) goes through EZ Prints, regardless of account type.

What's the Difference?

All the labs we choose have excellent color reproduction and solid reputations. We've printed through EZ Prints for years, and added Bay Photo, WHCC, and Loxley to bring new products and color correction to our pros and their clients.

The labs differ in their catalogs, pricing, color correction, shipping, and packaging.

Whichever lab you choose, you and your visitors are fully covered by SmugMug's print guarantee.

Bay Photo

Bay Photo, a professional lab located in Santa Cruz, California, has been catering to top pros since 1976. At SmugMug, Bay Photo is available exclusively to our commerce account holders.

  • A true pro lab, Bay Photo offers pricing that includes hand color-correction of each print. Their experts will fuss over each order, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print.

  • Most prints are carefully flat-packed—damage during shipment is almost unheard of. Any lustre, gloss, or metallic prints with a side 60" and over will ship in a tube. Metalprints over 30" x 45" are shipped in crates.

  • Bay Photo carries more sizes and papers, including panoramic sizes and Giclée watercolor prints. 

  • Photo Extras are exclusively offered to SmugMuggers who use Bay Photo. Get your prints beautifully finished with mats, frames, mountings, and more, saving you a trip to the framers.

  • For photographers who prefer to do their own color adjustments, we also offer the option to disable color correction. You'll note a slight difference in the base pricing when you choose to disable this feature. 

Loxley Colour

Loxley Colour has been serving the UK and Europe for more than 50 years, proving that their dedication to professional photographers is the real deal. Loxley is available exclusively to our commerce account holders.


White House Custom Colour in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, has been serving portrait and wedding photographers since 1977. At SmugMug, WHCC is available exclusively to commerce account holders.

  • Check out their Standout prints for a unique, lightweight, and modern frame-free way of displaying your favorite prints. 

  • Like Bay Photo, you can opt to turn off color correction if you correct your own photos. You'll note a slight difference in the base pricing when you do so. 

EZ Prints

Located in Georgia, EZ Prints handles merchandise for all accounts and prints for our non-commerce accounts (and optionally for commerce accounts).

  • EZ Prints tubes larger prints, rather than flat-packing them. This makes shipping less expensive on large prints, but you'll need to flatten them yourself.

  • We offer Matte prints, rolled canvas prints, and photo cards in the EZ Prints catalog.

  • Color correction through EZ Prints is included in the price of prints (but optional), and is the same great "auto color" that has saved the day for countless SmugMug subscribers throughout the past four years.

  • Because merchandise always goes through EZ Prints, if prints go through EZ Prints as well, customers won't have to pay double shipping if they have both a mug and a print in their cart.

  • In general, most prices are somewhat lower. 

Get a Print Sample

Unsure? Tell us which lab(s) you want using this form, and we'll ship you a free set of print samples. Don't forget to include your shipping address! We'll need it to send you the samples.

You'll get one of each of our print finishes and a calibration print to help you be sure what you see on your screen is what you get.  

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