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What types of files can I upload to SmugMug?

Updated: 08/08/2014


You can add an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, and PNG files to your SmugMug account.

The current size limitations on photos for all users are:

  • 50 megabytes and 100 megapixels

If a file exceeds those limits, we'll try to resample it (in the case of too many pixels) or recompress it (in the case of large file size) to bring it within the limits. If we can't, you'll see an error in your upload log. Go to your Upload Log.  The too-large original will be discarded unless you have a SmugVault.

Although we support PNG files, they have limited browser compatibility and can't be used for prints through SmugMug. We recommend using them only for building your own themes (Power and Pro users) and custom watermarking (Pro). 

FYI: Only JPEGs can be ordered as prints & gifts.


Help me find what size and type my file is.



Each file can be up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size. More.

Add a SmugVault to your account to store even longer clips (not for display). We recommend our HTML5 uploader in Chrome for best results.

Does colorspace matter?

The only JPEG colorspace supported reliably by browsers like Internet Explorer is sRGB.

If your photo is in the Adobe RGB (1998), CMYK, or Prophoto color space, please convert it to sRGB before uploading. Your viewers will thank you. If you forget to convert it, we'll do it for you automatically when you upload, but your files will take considerably longer to process.

Questions? Look here for more tips about file preparation or ask away in our discussion forums!