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Can I upload photos faster?

Updated: 04/10/2014

Are you shocked by how lloonngg it takes to upload your photos?

There are three common reasons:

1: Your photos are supersized.

digital camera

Your camera may be tiny, but the megapixels it has can overpower even your cable modem (mega means huge!).

There are some simple tips for taking great photos that add more quickly to your SmugMug site.

Bring on the tips.



2: Your connection is fast one-way...

If you have cable or DSL, you're probably thrilled with the speed. What you're seeing, however, is great speed one way: from the Internet to your computer. Most cable and DSL connections are much slower the other way. In fact, most cable and DSL connections are barely twice as fast as standard modems when uploading, not dozens of times faster like you may think. If you were to upload your photos from work, where your company has a T1 line or better, you would see blindingly fast uploads.

To get a feel for how fast your connection is to SmugMug for downloading and uploading, click here to run a free speed test. Just click the yellow pyramid (San Jose, CA) to start the test.

Upload times (seconds per photo)
  1 megapixel 3 megapixels 5 megapixels
56k modem 50 86 124
Cable/DSL 22 38 54
T1+ (office) 1.8 3.2 4.6

3: The file size is huge!

Even after you take your pictures, you can adjust them to dramatically decrease upload times without losing quality or your temper.

Tell me how.