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Does SmugMug have a camera app?

Updated: 10/10/2014

Grab Camera Awesome from the App Store or from the Google Play Store and start hearing your friends say, "You shot THAT?"

Tip: Swing by our channel and watch our video tutes for quick how-to's.


Camera Awesome shoots photos AND video so you can capture every memory. When you fire it up you're ready to start shooting right away.
Pull down the tab at the top to display tons of powerful compositional tools and effects.
Backlit mom? No problem. Touch the screen with two fingers to set (and lock) the focus and exposure in two different spots.  

FYI: iPod users won't see the two-poke focus and exposure lock.
The bottom panel lets you swipe through tons of options to help you master every situation:
  •  Single Shot. The classic.
  •  Image stabilization to avoid shaky cam.
  •  Big Button mode. Tap anywhere to shoot.
  •  Normal and High-Speed Burst Mode. 9 fps! Catch the winning goal.
  •  2- and 10-second timer gives you time to get your best side. 
Flip the camera to video mode and get ready to record the past. Camera Awesome's precord feature catches the action 5 whole seconds before you hit the button.


Ready to play? Tap the image thumbnail in the corner and see your shot big.

Tip: Hit the little ( + ) button in the bottom right corner to add in photos from your iPhone library.

The magic wand    lets you apply thousands of amazing effects that turn your photo into art:
  •  Awesomize! Touch just once for perfect pictures. Or tweak sharpness, temp, vibrance and contrast until it squeaks.
  •  Transform and rotate. 
  •  Apply presets for wild and crazy new looks.
  •  Change colors with a rainbow of filters.
  •  Max the WOW! factor with eye-grabbing textures.
  •  Finish it with frames.
You get tons of free filters and effects included in the app, but if your fingers are screaming for more you can download additional packs for less than a buck... or all of them for just $9.99. Dozens of juicy Kubota filters are ready and waiting for you.
Done? Save it to your photo library: plain or with the works. (iOS6 users, be sure to enable this in your iPhone's Settings > Photos > Camera! privacy options)
FYI: Effects and filters apply to photos only, not your video clips.

Want a more in-depth tutorial? Check out this great article on Digital Photography School's site.

Tip: If you're looking for a more traditional way to search for and download your photos to your computer, check out the iExplorer app to view your phone's file system.