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Can I upload photos to my gallery via email?

Updated: 08/20/2014

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If you send email to SmugMug with photos attached, we'll place them in a gallery for you.

Tip: This feature is super secure and great for friends who want to upload a couple of photos with great captions. Got lots of fans who want to upload lots of photos? Try Guest Uploads.

You can use this feature to add photos from your regular email as well. No phones required! (Though if you have an iOS or Android device, the deal gets even sweeter.)


Here's how:

  1. Log in and click the Tools button near the top of your SmugMug pages.
  2. Choose Account Settings. Click the Me > Account tab.
  3. Enter a password in the "Email Upload" field.

    upload via email
  4. Choose a password that is different from your SmugMug account login password.

  5. Compose an email containing one or more photos or attach the photos to the email and send to Example:

    Make sure that address is the only one on the email.  Do not include other recipients as it will cause the upload to fail.  

    Type your photo email password into the subject line. Type the photo's caption into the body of the email (optional).

    upload via email
  6. Send. SmugMug will automatically create a gallery named "email" and place your photos in it.

Important!: The emails must be in Plain Text format or they will not be accepted.  HTML or Rich Text formatted emails will fail.