How do I add captions to my photos?

Updated: Mar 21, 2014 04:01PM PDT

Captions tell your visitors everything they want to know about the photos they see. Write an epic tale, or just jot where the photo was taken.

They also boost your findability. Search engines look at the words you've entered there, so be descriptive if you want to be found. More info here.

Caption your photos


In Legacy SmugMug

To add or edit the caption on a single photo just click the "add caption" link under the image in your gallery. Type any text you wish into the box and hit Save to update your site.


In New SmugMug

Click the Caption or Pencil under the photo in SmugMug style or in the Lightbox to add a caption.  

Click the wrench button  to access the photo tools.  Click Edit and then Photo Details.

The captions will then show under the photos.  

Got tons of photos? You can add a slew of captions all in one go.

In Legacy SmugMug

Just find the Tools Menu near the top of most gallery pages and select Caption/Keyword.


In New SmugMug

Go to the Organizer.  Click the wrench icon>Captions & Keywords

You'll see the following page:

editing captions

Gotcha: The original filenames of the photos are displayed under the thumbnails for convenience, and cannot be edited. They can, however, be displayed as captions in your galleries. See the "Look and Feel" section in your gallery settings.

Your caption may be up to 65,000 characters long, so go ahead and tell the whole story.

Want to include links, add color, and more? Embellish to your heart's content. HTML help is here.

Curious about keywords? They're right here!

Use quick entry — You'll love it!

Use the handy toolbar at the top to enter captions (or keywords) in bulk:

bulk captions

Choose your action to the left (Add, remove, replace, etc.) and your target to the right (captions, keywords or both). If you want your actions to apply to specific images, choose "selected" and pick your thumbnails by clicking on them. Their borders will turn red.

Tip: You must click the Preview button to display your actions in the selected fields. Made a goof? Use Empty to wipe all entries and start over.

As a last step, hit the Save button to save your changes.

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