Apply color effects to uploaded photos

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Sunburned? Got that washed out look? Color effects to the rescue!the
To use them, click wrench button  under a photo, then click Open in Editor and Color Effects.  

Digital cameras very often produce photos that are too red indoors with the built-in flash.

The auto color-corrected found in color effects is a common, "I'm feeling lucky" adjustment that programs like Adobe Photoshop use. It often improves the photo, especially if it lacks contrast. But like any automatic computer-based adjustment, your mileage may vary.

Improving contrast can also mean showing blemishes more clearly; but it makes flowers in the field look more vibrant.

The tanning salon may sound like a bad spray-tan waiting to happen, but it's a handy technique professional photographers use to achieve more accurate and pleasing skin tones.

Note: The optional color correction when you print photos is completely different. Learn more.

You can apply effects to many photos at once using the Organizer and selecting the wrench tool and Color Effects option.

When you decide on an effect, just click the preview image and we'll irreversibly apply the effect to your photo.
Current   Auto color corrected
Digital cameras can be too red   auto color corrected
Tanning salon   Sepia
The tanning salon   Sepia effect
Negative   Black and White
The Negative effect   Make it Black and White

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