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Do I need to edit my videos before uploading them?

Updated: 08/29/2016

As long as your movies adhere to SmugMug's format and size/time limits, you can upload them right into your galleries. The process is exactly the same as uploading photos.

FYI: We recommend you use the HTML5 uploader in Chrome to upload video files.

If your video runs longer than 20 minutes, is larger than 3 GB, or is in an obscure format that we can't process, you'll need to edit it.

My Video Is Too Long

Time to trim it with editing software!

Some computers come with video trimming/editing software right out of the box. The most common are Windows Movie Maker for PCs and iMovie for Macs.

If your computer doesn't have video trimming/editing software installed, there are plenty to choose from, and some are even free!  MPEG Streamclip is available for both Macs and PCs and won't cost you a dime. Other popular programs include VirtualDub (also free) and Quicktime Pro (not so free).

My Video Isn't Too Long, But It Isn't Showing Up

SmugMug accepts most video files and converts them automagically to the popular h.264 format. Whether you record video on a point-and-shoot digital camera, a cell phone, or a state-of the-art HD camcorder, we'll handle it 99% of the time.

For that sketchy 1%, we suggest running your video through one of the above-mentioned editors (or one of your choosing) and converting the file to h.264 yourself. This will usually fix the problem. We'll help you do it.

If you'd rather verify your video format before you spend the afternoon adding it to SmugMug, click here for a complete list of what works.

FYI: Because of longer processing times, it could be a while before a video is visible in your gallery.

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