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Smart galleries put your photos where you want them. They automatically sniff out photos with a common trait and park copies of them wherever you wish.

Tell them what you want to see, walk away, and let smart galleries do all the work.

Make your galleries Smart by specifying Rules they'll follow to populate them. When you upload new photos to your site, the Rules will apply so your newly added photos can display in multiple galleries without you copying, moving, or uploading them again.

If you already use keywords or have browsed our Popular Photos, this feature might sound familiar. But Smart Galleries provide more flexibility in how you can pick your photos.

Example: You want to create a new gallery of Mickey Mouse photos from your annual trips to Disneyland. Create a new gallery with a Rule to pull the keyword "Mickey" and another Rule to pull only photos taken during June 2009. The gallery will automatically fill with photos tagged with that keyword and taken in that date range. They won't disappear from the gallery where you originally put them, so you can have multiple galleries that display those same photos if you wish.

Gotcha: Photos from Private (Only Me) galleries won't show up in smart galleries.

How Do I Make My Gallery Smart?

In the Organizer, click Settings.

Or in a gallery, click Customize and then Gallery Settings

Click Smart Rules and Setup.

Set Smart Gallery Rules

  1. Set your Rules.
  2. Preview your changes by clicking the Refresh link in the lower part of the screen.
  3. When you're satisfied, click Save.
Smart gallery settings

The gallery will display all photos that follow your Rules. Each one will link back to the source gallery under the caption field, so you'll always know where you've stashed the original.

Tip: All photos that are collected into other galleries will honor the settings from the original gallery. This means that if you've applied watermarks, custom pricing, limited the largest size, etc., these will apply to the photos no matter where they're displayed.

If you want to block the sales of photos completely, be sure to set a pricelist with no items for sale and apply it to the original source gallery.

Whose Photos Can I Use?

Keep these guidelines in mind:

You can always make Rules for your own photos, regardless of your gallery settings.

You can make Rules to grab photos from other users, if ALL the following are true:

What's a Rule?

When you make a gallery Smart, you're giving it specific instructions to pull photos that match the Rules you define. You can create, edit, or delete Rules for any gallery.

  • Include or Exclude: By default we'll set this to Include, but if you choose to set a Rule to leave out specific photos, choose Exclude.

  • My Photos, Family, or Friends: Did your brother take some great photos of Mickey, too? If you designate him as your friend or family, you can pull from his public galleries.

  • Keyword: Type in the keyword you're looking for, or pick it from the list. One per line, please. If you want to do multiple keywords, click Add New Rule for each one.

  • Date: You can choose the date the photo was taken (if that information is contained in the file information) or when you uploaded the photo to your account. We give you a handy pop-up calendar to select your date range.

  • Popular: Choose this to include photos that have been commented on or collected by others.

  • Geography: Use this option to search through your geotagged photos. You can either specify a location or drop a pin on our map.

  • Gallery: If you want us to draw from a specific gallery, indicate that here.

Tip: The beauty of Smart Galleries is that you can have up to five Rules at a time. Click the little "plus" button to add a line, or the "minus" to take it away.

Finally, you can toggle to match Any or All of your Rules, or to include your unlisted galleries in the search. We max out at 1,000 qualifying photos (hey, we know you love to shoot), but you can shrink that number to taste.

Gotcha: If new photos you upload to your site follow a Smart Gallery's Rules, give us a few minutes to put them in the right places. They'll get there, we promise!

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