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Can I display a photo in multiple galleries?

Updated: 03/21/2014

You can Collect a photo so that it displays in multiple galleries at once. With photos so nice, display them twice!

Use this to make portfolio galleries to show clients, or make special albums for each of your grandkids. You can even collect photos from other SmugMug users if they allow this in their account settings (see below).

The collected photo won't move from the gallery where it was first uploaded. The galleries displaying the copies will show a link to the source, so you'll always know where you've stashed the original.

FYI: There is a limit of 1000 collected photos per gallery. 

Cool! How do I start?

In New SmugMug

Go to to the organizer and drag photos from the source gallery to the gallery where you want them to appear.  When you drop the photos on the destination gallery an option will appear asking if you want to Move or Collect the photos.  Click Collect.  

Or go to the photo in the gallery.  In SmugMug style the Share icon will appear under the photos.  In other viewing styles you may need to click on the photo to enter the lightbox mode.  

Click the Share button   and then collect under a photo.

Pick the photos you want to collect.  

The gallery picker will appear.  Pick the target gallery where you want the photo to show and then click done.

In Legacy SmugMug

To collect a photo, just mouse over it in SmugMug viewing style and look at the photobar. Click that Collect Photo icon and we'll give you this:Collect Photo

Choose collection gallery

From there, choose the destination gallery where you want the photo to be displayed.

In Legacy SmugMug  Collect your photos on the fly by clicking the Collect Photo link in the lightbox header. This may be necessary in galleries that are set to certain viewing styles.

Tip: If you want us to remember this destination, click that checkbox. Any additional photos that you collect from this gallery will go right to that destination. You can always click the little drop-down arrow to get the window back, if you change your mind.

In Legacy SmugMug  To remove a collected photo from its destination gallery, hit the Tools button and select This Photo > Remove.Remove collection

In New SmugMug   To remove a collected photo, hit the wrench button   and select Remove.

Collect 'em all

In Legacy SmugMug  Look under the Many Photos section of your gallery Tools menu for bulk options.

Collect many photos

Tip: This is also handy for collecting photos when your gallery uses the Slideshow viewing style.

Click to select any and all photos from the gallery, then choose a destination on the right. Note that if you hit the adjacent checkbox, we will collect all current and future photos that you upload to this gallery. You can change this later in the Smart Gallery Settings. More info.

In New SmugMug  consider using a keyword to pull your photos using a Smart Gallery.  You can keyword multiple photos and have them appear in a new gallery.  


Wait, who can grab my photos?

You might be tickled that someone wants to put one of your shots in their "Most Inspiring Photos" gallery. Conversely, you may want to ensure your daughter's birthday pics aren't up for grabs. Keep these guidelines in mind:

You can always collect your own photos, regardless of your gallery settings.

To allow others to collect from you, ALL of the following must be true:

  • You have not disabled Allow Collecting in your Account Settings' Privacy section.

All photos that are collected into other galleries will honor the settings from the original gallery. This means that if you've applied watermarks, custom pricing, limited the largest size, etc., these will apply to the photos no matter where they are displayed.  If you want to block the sales of photos completely, be sure to set a pricelist with no items for sale and apply it to the original source gallery.

You can choose to collect images from your galleries accessible by Anyone with the Link (unlisted), but we won't reveal the location in the caption field like we do for public photos. Your secret is safe with us.