Display a photo in multiple galleries

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You can Collect a photo so it displays in multiple galleries at once!

Use this to make portfolio galleries to show clients, or to make special albums for each of your grandkids. This feature is available to SmugMug account owners only.

The collected photo won't move from the original gallery where it was first uploaded. The galleries displaying collected copies will also show a link to the source, so you'll always know where you've stashed the original.

FYI: There's a limit of 1000 collected photos per gallery.

Cool! How Do I Start Collecting?

Go to to the Organizer and drag photos from the source gallery to the gallery where you want them to appear. When you drop the photos on the destination gallery, an option will appear asking if you want to Move or Collect the photos. Click Collect.  

Alternatively, you browse directly to the photo you want to collect. In SmugMug gallery style, the photo tool icon (wrench) will appear under the photo. In other viewing styles, you may need to click on the photo to enter the lightbox mode.  

Click the wrench icon and then Collect under a photo.

Pick the photos you want to collect.  

The gallery picker will appear. Pick the target gallery where you want the collected photo to show and then click Done.

To remove a collected photo, click the wrench button   and select Remove.

Collect 'Em All

Consider using a keyword to automatically collect your photos using a Smart Gallery.  You can keyword multiple photos and have them appear in a new gallery. 

Note: All photos that are collected into other galleries will honor the settings from the original gallery. This means if you've applied watermarks, custom pricing, limited the largest size, etc., these will apply to your photos no matter where they're displayed. If you want to block the sales of photos completely, be sure to set a pricelist with no items for sale and apply it to the original source gallery.

You can choose to collect images from your galleries accessible by Anyone with the Link (unlisted), but we won't reveal the location in the caption field like we do for public photos. Your secret is safe with us.


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