Can I map my photo locations?

Updated: Apr 03, 2014 11:26AM PDT

Had an adventure? Show where you've been!  On your own SmugMug site, you can flaunt your photos on a map.


Add the Map to your site  

In New SmugMug:

Click Customize > Customize Site. Then Drag the Map content block from the Content Block Inspector to your homepage, page, gallery, or folder where you want it to appear.  

  • Maps are now available on all galleries including passworded, Anyone with the Link (unlisted), and Only Me (private) galleries.  
  • You can populate the map using these options:
    * Recent
    * Popular
    * Galleries I Choose
    * Photos I Choose
    * Keywords
  • Enable Map Features in the gallery settings must be set to On.  
  • The content block is limited to 200 pins.  

View photo map data in New SmugMug

To view the map for a photo with Geo Data click the globe icon 

  • Pin Limits:  5000 per gallery and keywords galleries. 1000 on the Populars and Date pages.  

In Legacy SmugMug:

You'll see a Map This! button on your gallery pages and on your homepage. Click it and have fun!

In galleries, the Map This! button will appear if the gallery is set with Geography turned on and you have Geo located photos in that gallery.

  • Hidden photos, photos in password-protected or Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) galleries, and photos protected by a site-wide viewing password will not show on maps.

  • Your site-wide Discovery settings in your Account Settings must be "Yes" for SmugMug Search Visibility, and your gallery settings should have "Inherit site-wide setting" for Hello Smuggers.

  • The Edit Geography option in your gallery settings must be set to "Yes".

  • Pins are limited to 200 per gallery and homepage map. 

Ways to tell us where the photo was taken:

  • If your photo has location info embedded in what's called its EXIF (a note stuck to your photo with details like the date it was taken) SmugMug automatically reads it and makes your gallery mappable. Check this SmugBlog entry for ways to embed it.

  • Have an iPhone or iPad? Use Camera Awesome and your photos will arrive in your SmugMug gallery all tagged and ready to map.

Add Geo info by hand:

  1. Legacy SmugMug: While logged in, select Edit Geography from the Tools Menu.
    New SmugMug: Go to the photo and Click the button>Edit>Edit Geo Location

  2. Enter what you have of the address, as in 1380 S Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA.

  3. See if we could find you. If not, scroll to the right place on the map and click.



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