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How do I log in to my account?

Updated: 07/09/2014

Log in to your account to upload photos and manage your site.

Once you're in, you'll see lots of tools, buttons and other goodies that are hidden from your visitors.

Find the Login link

You can find a Login link at the bottom of most Login menu
SmugMug pages, including SmugMug's homepage.
It looks like this: 


Am I logged in?

If you're already logged in, you'll see this in Logged in
your header instead: 

If you see the words "Assistant Homepage" instead, then you've logged in with an assistant password.

Log in with Facebook

Love Facebook? You can link your account with SmugMug and use just the one login to get into your site. Here's how:

  1. Click the blue Facebook login button on our login page:

    Login with Facebook

  2. In the popup window, fill in your Facebook login details and click to Allow the connection.

    Login with Facebook

  3. We'll take you back to the SmugMug login page. Enter your SmugMug login information and make sure the "Link my Facebook account" option is checked. Then click the big green button.

Now, as long as you're logged into Facebook in a tab in your browser, we'll recognize it and log you in at SmugMug, too. Easy!

If you change your mind, you can always unlink the connection from your Application Settings in Facebook. Click the X for "SmugMug Connect."

Login with Facebook

FYI: At this time, you'll still need to use your regular SmugMug login information to use third party applications such as MacDaddy, Lightroom's uploader, Star Explorer, etc.

I can't log in!

Forgot your password?

  • No worries. Click here to request a password reset.

    (If no email comes, look in your Bulk mail folder. It may be identifying email from us as spam.)

  • Forgot your email? You can login by using your nickname instead.

    Example: If your SmugMug homepage is, you can type superman in the email field to login.

  • If neither your password nor your email is the issue, then cookies probably are.

Gotcha:  Power, Portfolio and Business account subscribers who use their own custom hostnames must login and logout from or

Looking for your print order?

If you would like to view a print order you placed with SmugMug, you need to go straight to the order status page (find the link in your order confirmation email), rather than use the Login link.

Don't be afraid to write to us if you can't find it. We've got your back.