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What is a SmugVault?

Updated: 08/08/2014

Your SmugMug account allows unlimited uploads of JPG, GIF, PNG files? (within reason). SmugVault allowed you to store anything for a small additional charge.


store almost anything at SmugMug

What is it, exactly?

SmugVault is an added service to your current SmugMug account. With a SmugVault, files not normally supported by SmugMug (such as RAWs, TIFFs, and PSDs) can be stored in your SmugVault for an added fee and accessed in your SmugMug galleries.

  • Every file type is accepted.
  • 3 GB per file limit.
  • Automatic "bundling" of files for intuitive organization.
  • Your storage is private, and hidden from visitors.
  • Pay by the month and cancel anytime.

How do I get one?

Amazon is retiring this service, so it's no longer possible to sign up at this time, unfortunately. We hope to find another solution for you soon!

How do I upload my files to my SmugVault?

Use SmugMug's default uploaders (we suggest Chrome) or MacDaddy and drop in your files as you normally do. Easy as that!

We'll automagically bundle matching filenames together for easier browsing, so DSC074.JPG and DSC074.RAW will be represented by a single image in your gallery.

Don't miss the useful options you'll find in your Account Settings: Create visual previews, Archive minor changes and Archive videos. These options let us create display copies of image files like RAW and TIFFs, archive original JPGs if your file is too big or is in the wrong colorspace, and store untouched copies of video files (Power and Pro, only. All video files from Basic users go straight in your SmugVault.)

For the gory details on how we handle different scenarios, check out more vault details here.

How will this affect my visitors?

Your visitors will not see any files represented by a SmugVault default image in your galleries. They will not see the "bundled" indication on your thumbnails. They will see any rendered JPEGs we make from files you add to SmugMug.

Your visitors will not be able to save your SmugVault files, but will be able to save or print any rendered JPEGs, according to your gallery settings for that gallery.

If you're a Pro and set an assistant password, your assistants will NOT have access to your SmugVault.


What if I want to retrieve a file?

In every case, you can save the archived file back to your computer.   
Legacy SmugMug by using the Save Photo icon that appears on the photobar.Save photo icon in photobar allows SmugVault saving

In New SmugMug by using the download button.  


Oops, can I delete an archived file?

Yes, but please be careful. Choose SmugVault from the Tools Menu, to be taken to your SmugVault browser, where you can delete files.

Move your mouse over any thumbnail on the page, and you'll see a Delete button appear. After you click it, we'll move the file to the Trash for you, where it'll stay for a week unless you choose to empty the Trash sooner (or you choose a different length of time for the Trash to empty itself).

 Delete Archives from TrashDelete Archives from Trash


How do I close my SmugVault?

Make sure you've retrieved any files you want before you close a SmugVault. Then, go to your Settings tab in your SmugMug Account Settings and click the words SmugVault > Take me to it! .

Click on the Amazon Account link. You'll need to login to your Amazon account and then you'll see a "View/Cancel Application" link. If you're sure, click "Cancel the use of SmugVault" on the page following. The files previously kept safe in your vault will be immediately and permanently deleted.

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