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How do I download all images in a gallery?

Updated: 04/09/2014

You can save all your original, high-res photos with a single click.

Create backups and feel fuzzy knowing your images are safe in your hands. Or use it to make copies of your gallery for friends, family and clients.

Click 'n zip

In New SmugMug, click organize > organize site, and select the gallery.  Click the download button.  Then pick Download Gallery.

In Legacy SmugMug, Look for a Download All option in your gallery Tools menu. Hit that and we'll start bundling that gallery into a zip file.

Bulk photo downloads

We'll send you a link when it's done, so check your email! The file is good for two weeks, so retrieve it or share it with anyone you wish. If you don't get to it in time, just go back to the gallery and request a new one.

Note: Each time you upload more photos to the gallery, you'll need to request a fresh backup or the new images won't be included in the zip file.

It's a wrap

Your download file includes photos, videos and SmugVault files from that gallery. Collected photos are included as long as you own them, too.

We'll send you an email containing the photos, so keep your eyes peeled.

Gotcha: The zip file is not locked with a password and can be opened by anyone who gets the link. Be aware when you share!

How do I offer them for sale?

Business SmugMuggers, check out the Gallery Downloads option in your pricing page to price and sell downloads of whole galleries.