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Picture this: A team logo. Your logo. The wedding date. Your signature.

These can all be Printmarks, and you can dress up any prints ordered from your site with endless possibilities. Different than watermarks, Printmarks will actually show up on the final printed product.

Print watermarks

Create Your Own

First, design the Printmark in your favorite image editor. If you want transparent areas (such as a custom border where your photo shows through the center), then you should save your image as a transparent PNG file. This is similar to making a transparent watermark, and we have a great tutorial for creating that kind of file here.

Upload your created Printmark to a gallery. We suggest an Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) one (such as your Site Files gallery) so people can't find it.

Tip: We recommend your Printmark image be at least 1500 pixels on the longest side, so it looks good on prints big and small.

In your account settings, navigate to the Business > Branding tab.

Click Manage under Printmarks in the Printing section to open the Printmarks options menu.

Click Create to expand the menu, and then click the image icon to navigate to the printmark image you previously uploaded.

Once you select your printmark image, you can alter the other settings and watch how your printmark is affected on the sample preview image. Choose where you want the printmark to appear on your photos:

And even fade the image so it obscures less of your photos:

Once you’re happy with the way your printmark looks, name it and click Create.

How It Works

Once you've created your Printmark(s), enable them in your gallery settings.

The option to apply a printmark is found in the Shopping section. Don't forget that you can create a Quick Setting to apply printmarks quickly, or use the Multiple Galleries option to enable them in bulk.

Tip: We highly recommend that you enable Proof Delay in your galleries so you can review and adjust orders as they get placed.

Gotcha: You can always remove Printmarks for print and gift orders held for proofing, but remember that digital downloads are available right away and cannot be changed.

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