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Pricelists give you the ability to efficiently manage all your pricing in one place. Each Pricelist is like a bucket, into which you can easily drop galleries to price them.

Note: Portfolio accounts can have many pricelists. But only one pricelist can be active at a time and applies to all galleries that have printing turned on. Unless you have the highest-level seller account, which allows you to have multiple active Pricelists, so every gallery can be priced differently, if desired.

FYI: When you're logged in, the prices you see in the shopping cart will be SmugMug's base prices, not your custom pricing. This enables you to order your own photos at cost. After you've set prices, it's a good idea to check them by logging out and viewing your SmugMug site. That's what your customer will see.

Get Started

Find your Pricelists manager by going to the Business > Selling tab in your Account Settings. Then click Manage in the Pricelists section.

To make a new Pricelist for yourself, just hit the big green “Create New” button at the top of the Pricelist Manager and give your new pricelist a name.

You can set your print lab, default profit, color-correction settings, and whether or not you want to round up your pricing so your customers see a neater number in the shopping cart.

It’s important to know which lab you want to use, because you can’t change it later for this pricelist. You'll need to create a new pricelist if you decide you want to use a different lab.  

Next, click “Choose Products” to start selecting the items you want to offer for sale. Only the items you manually select will be shown and sold on your site.

For accounts that can have many pricelists but only one active at a time, you'll need to make the one you want to use active. Just click the “Make this my active pricelist”  checkbox at the top of your pricelist.

Click Apply Changes, and you're all done! Your new Active Pricelist is marked with a blue star on your Pricelists page.

Want to delete a list? Click Here

Sell Video Downloads

This feature is only available on some of our accounts.

You can sell up to 5 different sizes of video downloads in both Personal and Commercial licenses.

Note: To allow the gallery download option for a gallery that contains only videos or a mix of photos and videos, you’ll need to enable the “Gallery” product under the Downloads - Photo License section.

Check out the full details about pricing digital downloads for more info.

For Our Highest-Level Seller Account

It's dead simple to offer one Pricelist for your weddings, another Pricelist for sports, and another for your friends and family. You can even price individual photos if you wish.

Best of all, you have the ability to set your pricing in the currency of your choice, and your visitors have the option to choose other currencies when they shop on your site.

Select Your Default Pricelist

Your default Pricelist contains the pricing and products that will be applied to all new galleries you create on your site, and any galleries that aren't applied to another Pricelist for our highest-level seller account.

Your default pricelist will be marked with a star. Click on the pricelist to show its details, and then hit “Edit list” to see what’s included.

If you’re still in your 14-day free trial, we’ll automatically set your orders to print through EZ Prints, and the full EZ Prints catalog will be available for sale at base cost. This means no profit by default, so make sure you set a markup if you want to make money when people buy from your site.

Once you’ve chosen or edited products, don’t forget to apply your changes. Since we’re talking about your default for now, just click the “Make this my default Pricelist”  checkbox at the top.

Click Apply Changes, and you're all set!

Apply Your Pricing to Galleries and Photos

Once you’ve set your default pricelist, create as many Pricelists as you want exactly the same way. The only difference is that you’ll need to choose which galleries your pricing applies to via the “This Pricelist Applied to” buttons on the right. 

Tip: You can select galleries individually or in bulk from the gallery and photo picker, including entire Folders!

The tools on the right-hand side give you another chance to edit your amount of guaranteed profit, whether or not you use color correction, and if you want to round up your pricing.

Note: If you choose to round up your pricing, your clients will see neater pricing in the shopping cart. Keep in mind that because we're rounding up, you may earn slightly more profit than what you see entered in the boxes on the left. Those numbers are just your minimum profit, and we'll pass along any extra to you.

If you want to specify the final displayed price rather than the profit, enter the desired prices into the "Price" column. We'll highlight the one we use in green font. Keep in mind that when you set the price (rather than profit), fluctuations in the base cost will impact your take-home pay.

You can also change a gallery's pricelist from within the gallery itself. Navigate to the gallery you want to update, then click Sell > Gallery Pricing. In the window that opens, select which pricelist you want the gallery to use.

Once you've made your selection, click "Save" to apply your changes.

Delete a Pricelist

Under each Pricelist on your account, you'll see a Delete option:

Click it to remove that Pricelist from your account. You won't be able to delete a default Pricelist until you assign a different Pricelist as your default first.

Things to Know About Pricelists

  • Digital Downloads will have a minimum cost: $.01 for individual photos and $.99 for gallery downloads. Additionally, if your shopping cart subtotal is less than $10.00 and contains at least one download file, we'll add a single $0.50 charge. This covers processing and delivery fees, and our world-famous customer support. Want to offer them for free? Enable Originals in your gallery, create a backup file to share, or create a Coupon to nuke the charges at checkout.

  • You can set your markup OR the final price shown in the cart. Setting your profit ensures you earn a set amount with each sale, but the price your customers see may change with cost fluctuations. Similarly, setting your displayed price may result in your profits differing when base costs of products change at the lab. If the base cost ever rises higher than your set price, we'll automatically revert back to the initial profit amount you set when you first saved your Pricelist.

  • Choose your print lab the moment you create the Pricelist. If you change your mind on an existing Pricelist, you’ll need to create a new one with the lab of your choice.  

  • If you use Bay Photo, you and your clients can order matting, framing, and other mounting options. These are called Photo Extras, and even though you can't mark up the pricing on this part of the order, the print arrives beautifully finished, saving you a trip to the framing shop.

    If you want to block the sales of photos completely, be sure to set a pricelist with no items for sale and apply it to the gallery. Events, Collected Photos, and Smart Galleries will use the pricelist applied to the original source gallery.

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