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How do I sell digital downloads?

Updated: 08/08/2014

Your customers can buy digital copies of your photos and videos if you set prices for them. Find them by clicking Choose Products when you edit your Pricelists.

Setting prices for any of the download options will cause them to appear as choices in the shopping cart (along with their license agreements).

sell digital downloads

Digital downloads have a base cost of $0.01 for single files and $.99 for a gallery download to cover processing and delivery. If your shopping cart has a subtotal of less than $10.00 and contains at least one download file, we'll add a $0.50 processing fee.

But you can always offer your downloads for free using coupons, sharing Download All files or by enabling Originals in your gallery settings.

FYI:  The Proof Delay option that puts your orders on hold does not apply to digital downloads. Even if you specify color correction for prints, the digital download will be untouched.

Here's what they mean:

Gallery Downloads are the price you set for the whole gallery. For example, you can set Gallery Download pricing on a gallery containing 10 photos at $75, while you price each single digital download at $10. This is an easy way to offer your client a 25% discount when she buys the whole set. Gallery Download zip files contain all photo and video files in the gallery.

Single Photo Downloads are your single image prices. They follow all the usual pricing rules: You can fill in a value to earn a profit, or price it at $0 to prevent that item from being offered.

Printmarked photos are digital copies that include the Printmark that you've set for the gallery. Basically, they're watermarks for your downloads.

Video Downloads are exactly what they seem: copies of your videos in the various sizes shown above.

View Personal License

View Commercial License

A word about sizes

  • You can sell both personal and commercial licenses for 4 sizes of photos and 5 sizes of video.

  • Web Size, 1 Megapixel and 4 Megapixel photo downloads will use any custom sharpening settings that you have in place.

  • To find out how many megapixels an image is, just multiply the pixel dimensions together and divide by 1 million. For example, an 816x1224 image is 998,784 pixels. Divide that by 1 million and you get .998784 (just under 1 Megapixel). This is roughly big enough to print an 8x12.

    If it is twice as wide and tall, or an 1632x2448 image, it will be nearly 4 Megapixels, about enough for a 30x40 print.

    View our print resolution requirements here.

Details, details...

  • After checking out, your customers can retrieve their downloads by clicking the links we send them. If they bought at least four photos, they can retrieve them in bulk. We'll wrap their purchases into a zip file and send them an email when it's ready.

  • When you are logged in, you won't be able to purchase your own digital downloads in the shopping cart. Click the Visitor View button on your SmugMug homepage to see your site (and shopping cart) like a customer.

  • Your watermarks will not appear on the images your customers purchase. Want your name and logo on the digital file? Price and sell the printmarked versions.

  • If you've not priced any videos, your visitors will continue to see the "Save Movie" link in the lightbox header. It'll disappear when you start pricing videos in that gallery, or when you enable Right-Click Protection in your Gallery Settings. Similarly, your fans can't download video sizes that are equal to or larger than the video sizes you've priced. So, for example if you've priced the Mid-Def size in a gallery, they can only save the Web and iPod sizes from the mouseover photo bar.

  • Tip: We'll preserve IPTC, EXIF, and other metadata in the JPEGs that are sold. Should your image be posted online or used inappropriately somewhere else, you may be able to track it. This isn't fool-proof but it is still probably worth your time to properly pre-fill those fields prior to upload. It is a big first step in making sure the terms of the license are followed.