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This feature is available for Business accounts only.

Ordering is a snap when you have one price for a whole heap of goodies. Packages make buying so simple, your visitors can shop with one hand.

FYI: Prints purchased through Packages aren't eligible for Photo Extras options. Also, purchasing packages on mobile devices isn't currently supported, so we recommend advising your clients to purchase packages using a desktop computer to ensure they don't experience any issues.

Set One, Be Done

Look under the Business > Selling tab of your Account Settings to see your package options.

The package management page will display all existing packages you've created. None yet? Click New Package and we'll whisk you here:

Give your package a Name and enter a Description, so your customers can choose the perfect one.

Don't forget to choose a print lab, too! We recommend doing this first because switching this later will reset your product selections. The lab you choose at this step overrides the existing gallery or portfolio lab setting.

Do you want color correction applied to your package items? Remember that each lab does this differently, so make sure you choose what works best for you. Your choice will override the existing color-correction settings you already have in your galleries. Any additional charges accrued here will be added to the Base Cost at the bottom of the page.

Package Type: If you want to offer your customers a package using their single favorite image, set that here. Or if you want to let them mix and match photos, choose Multi-Image.

You can allow them to pick their photo from any gallery Accessible by Everyone (Public) on your site, or from specific galleries. If you choose "All Galleries," then customers will be able to choose a package even if they're browsing a protected gallery.

The "All Public Galleries" option limits a package so it can only be selected by clients browsing public galleries. You're in charge, so if you want to limit their choices to their Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) proof gallery, that's your call. When you add protected galleries to your package, your customers will still need to enter the password to pick photos from it.

Next, add your products on the right. Simply click any line in the catalog and the blue checks will indicate that they'll be included in your package. Made a mistake? Click again to unselect it, or just hit Remove All to start over. Once your products are added, you can change the quantity of each item if your customers want more than one. (You know Aunt Harriet loves to share wallet prints...)

As you do this, we'll tally up the base cost in the window at the bottom. When you price your package, we'll automatically calculate your profit. Remember, profit is 85% of the difference between our base cost and your markup. More on profit reporting.

Once you Save your package, you can go back and edit or remove it at any time.

FYI: Digital downloads aren't available for Packages, but you can sell them by gallery by offering Gallery Downloads.

What Happens When Customers Order?

Package options will appear under your gallery's Buy button, like so:


Once they select the package from your list, they'll be taken to an area to select the photos. If you've allowed the package to apply to multiple galleries, then they'll be able to switch between galleries and pick their favorite images.

Completing the package is as simple as clicking and dragging. When each item in the package is matched to a photo, they can add the package to their shopping cart and check out.

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