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Your brand rocks. Show it off by putting your logo and name on your storefront. From monitor to mailbox, your customers will keep you in mind.

Users with our highest-level seller account can put their logo in the shopping cart, send a thank-you note with each print order, and get a custom sticker placed on the outside of the shipping package. Unlock all these options from the Branding line in your Business tab.

Confused about which lab offers what? Scroll to the bottom for the short version.

Set It Up

You can toggle the different kinds of branding on and off in your Account Settings > Business > Branding > Printing.

This is the site-wide switch, but you can also fine-tune it by disabling it on the gallery level. Check your gallery settings page and the Shopping tab for the Brand Packing toggle.

Thank You Prints and/or Stickers are only $1 per order, per lab. This Pro Services charge is deducted from your sales profits, or your credit card if your profit on the order is less than $1. Please make sure you have a valid credit card on file in your Account Settings so we can include your branding each and every time. Pro Services charges are made on the 1st and the 15th of the month.  

Bay Photo: Packing slips are not included in orders that contain Thank You Prints or custom stickers.

FYI: Our default SmugMug branding and packaging take effect on all multi-pro orders.

Cart Branding

Extend your branding to the shopping cart. Upload your logo, your contact info, or a personal message and we'll display it on the checkout page for your customers.

First, prep an image file. Make it 210 x 140 pixels in size and save it as a JPG or a transparent PNG file. You can upload a larger image as long as it's still in the same 3:2 aspect ratio. We'll scale it down.

Any time a shopping cart is filled with photos from only your site, we'll show your logo on the page.

For reference, we store all your branding images in the unlisted Other > My SmugMug Site Files gallery.

The example shown above is just simple text and an image in a transparent PNG, but we add some polish for you when we display it in the cart.

Thank You Prints

Impart a personal message with each order. Upload a JPG file that's at least 800 x 1200 pixels in size, and we'll make it into a 4x6 print to be included with the rest of the goods your customers order. Keep the 2:3 ratio if your file is bigger.

See an example of a Thank You Print from Bay Photo in action!

The finish on your print will match the prints in the order. This means your Thank You note will be glossy when your customer orders glossy photos, and so on.

Note: EZ Prints can add a Thank You Print to any order that contains print items. If you use Bay Photo, they can be added to any shipment of prints, merchandise, or both.

Box Stickers

No more boring boxes! This option allows you to customize a small sticker we'll place on the outside of the shipment packaging. Make sure your file is a JPG at least 400 x 200 pixels in size, but if it's bigger, keep the 2:1 ratio. This is the first thing customers see on delivery, so make a great first impression!

Both EZ Prints and Bay Photo stickers are 2" x 4" in size. Keep the content simple, and it's a good idea to give enough breathing room around the edges to make sure the bleed/trim zones don't contain important information. Design accordingly!

Note: EZ Prints can include Stickers to any order that contains merchandise items. Bay Photo orders will always include one as long as you have Stickers enabled.

WHCC and EZ Prints bonus: You can also specify text for the return label if you've picked an image for your sticker. Consider typing your name or business name to make sure your customers know who their order is from.

If you enable the sticker branding option but don't fill anything in for the return label, we'll print the "Display name" that you have set in your Account Settings.

The address will always display the address of the print lab, so your personal info is never revealed.

Which Labs Do What?

EZ Prints
  • If orders contain prints: Thank You Prints.

  • If orders contain Merchandise: Stickers.

Bay Photo
  • Stickers and Thank You Prints available for all orders.

  • No Stickers yet (sorry!).

  • Thank You Prints available for all orders.

Loxley Colour
  • Stickers and Thank You Prints available for all orders.

Custom Return Address
  • Available for all EZ Prints and WHCC orders only.

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