Use personal delivery for my customer's prints

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Thrill your customers by handing them their orders in person. Nothin' says lovin' like getting sweet service directly from the pro!

How It Works

We're happy to do it all when customers buy from you, but there are some folks who want complete control of their order packaging and delivery.

Now, with the flip of a switch on any Business account, we'll mail their orders to you. This gives you the chance to check over each item and ensure everything is perfect. You can even add your own special packaging if you prefer.

This is a great opportunity to load up wedding albums with prints or even mount a photo in a frame they've picked out.

When you're done, hand-deliver the order to your client for maximum impact, or ship it to the address they provided during checkout.

FYI: Personal Delivery won't apply to orders that contain only digital downloads, or to orders that include items from multiple pros.

If an order contains an image from a gallery that has Personal Delivery enabled and an image from a gallery that doesn't have this feature enabled, Personal Delivery won't apply to anything in the order. Make sure you have Personal Delivery enabled for every gallery if you want your customers to always experience this feature.

Two Levels of Control

  1. First visit the Business tab in your Account Settings, under Branding. You'll see a line for Personal Delivery:

    Personal order delivery

    Click Manage. If you haven't yet set a Customer Contact Email address, we'll walk you through that first. Follow the steps to set up your email and verify it.

    Next, enter an address where you'll be sure to receive deliveries.

    Personal delivery setup

    The telephone number is just in case we need to reach you. We'll never share this information with your customers.

    Once you've set this up, we'll bring you back to your Account Settings. Personal Delivery starts off Disabled, but when you're ready, turn it on with a click.

  2. The Account Settings contains the master toggle for Personal Delivery across your entire account, but you can fine-tune it for each gallery on your site. Visit your gallery settings:

    Scroll down and look under the Printing option. You'll see that you can set the gallery to honor the Account Settings, or you can enable/disable Personal Delivery in just this gallery.

Things to Know

  • Our labs require one to two business days to process and print your order, and then you'll need to add a few more days for shipping time. Once you receive the package, it's your responsibility to get the goods to your customer. Keep this in mind when quoting delivery times.

  • Both you and your customer will be notified about the Personal Delivery option in the order emails.

  • The order must include at least one item from a gallery enabled with Personal Delivery.

  • Shipping charges are calculated based on your shipping address, not your customer's.

Wait, I Changed My Mind!

No worries! If the submitted order is held in proof delay, and if the shipping charge is the same for you and your client, you can override the Personal Delivery option:

Proof Delay review

Visit the order details in your Sales History area. The order will show a green stamp, but click the "Turn Off Personal Delivery" link and we'll ship it straight to your customer instead.

If you missed the boat, email us with the order number and we'll do everything we can to help you out.

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