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Who are they gonna call the next time they want great photos? Maybe you if they see your name on the back of each paper print you sell. (Backprinting only works with paper prints, so you won't see it on wall art, canvas prints, metal prints, etc.)

We print through different print labs, and they each print a bit differently:

  • EZ Prints enables backprinting on all prints smaller than 24 inches on the short side. There's space for 40 characters per print. Only letters, numbers, parentheses, dashes, and underscores are supported, and all letters will be automatically capitalized. Any unsupported characters will be replaced by an underscore, except apostrophes, which are stripped out.
  • Bay Photo and Loxley enable backprinting on all paper print sizes and finishes and have space for 42 characters per print. They'll accept lowercase and capital letters, the copyright symbol, and all symbols commonly shown on an American keyboard such as & and @. The accents on accented characters will be removed.
  • WHCC's backprinting is like Bay's, but maxes out at 40 characters per print.

Two lines are printed on each print. One line is used by the lab for processing, and the other will have your custom backprinting. If you don't have backprinting in place, "WWW_SMUGMUG_COM_MONTH_DAY_YEAR_FILENAME_JPG" is printed for EZ Prints and " Month Day Year Filename.jpg" is printed for Bay Photo, Loxley, and WHCC.

Set Up Backprinting

Log in and go to your Account Settings. Click the Business tab. You'll see a backprinting section under Branding > Printing.

Click the Manage link below the word "backprinting." You'll see the backprinting tool:

backprinting tool

So many options... so few characters...

Type in the text you want and click Save Backprinting.

Or simply click on one of the magic words on the left to include it in the text for backprinting. For example, placing the magic word SMUGIMAGECAPTION in the text would print the photo's caption on the back of each print of that photo.

Note: You can choose different backprinting for a specific gallery in that gallery's settings. However, that page doesn't have a preview, so you may want to test out potential backprinting in your Account Settings page first.

Available magic words:


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