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How do I get started with selling?

Updated: 04/22/2014

Preparing and Adding Files

Anne bridal
  1. What resolution/DPI should I use?

  2. How do I crop before uploading to fit all products?

  3. Can I upload RAW/PSD/TIF/Any?

  4. Do you have FTP? Can you add files for me?

  5. How can I protect my images?

  6. How will my workflow differ if I switch labs for prints?

  7. How do I prepare an image for a mounted canvas (EZ Prints), gallery wrap (WHCC) or canvas wrap (Bay Photo)?

Setting Prices

  1. What should I set my prices at and how do I do it?

  2. How should I set prices if I don't live in the US?

  3. How do I limit the sizes of prints offered for my gallery/image?

Handling Orders

  1. How can I change the order my customer just placed?

  2. My customer hasn't received their order, what should they do?

  3. My customer isn't happy with the prints, how do we resolve this?

  4. Should I enable color correction?

  5. Can I proof-delay digital downloads?

  6. How do I replace an image if it was ordered for multiple items?

  7. Is there a catalog without prices that I can show my customer?

  8. How does shipping work?

  9. How can I be sure that my customers can reach me?


  1. How do I stay current on new features ?

  2. How do I get paid?

  3. Can I use my pro profit for renewal, print orders, or giving the gift of SmugMug?

  4. Do you offer coupons or package pricing?

  5. What email address should people use to login with the Assistant Password?

  6. Do you have a mentorship program?

  7. Are there any additional charges other than subscription fees I need to worry about?

Notice for Professional Account holders:
Uploading more than 500 photographs of participants in a single
sporting event may require a License from PhotoCrazy, Inc.
To avoid patent infringement, please contact:

PhotoCrazy, Inc.
Attn: Peter Wolf
509 Raindance Street
Thousand Oaks, California 91360-1219